Complete Features List

  • Access the service from any internet enabled web browser
  • Store unlimited users, companies, ship locations, consignees, products, and carriers
  • Create straight BOL with unique numbering – sequential by company/ship location
  • Record Consignee default and alternate shipping addresses
  • Record Consignee default and alternate freight, special instructions, and 3rd party billing
  • Store product description, weight, class, nmfc, and designate hazardous
  • Record status for BOLs as Draft, Shipped, Billed, Paid, Closed, or Cancelled
  • Limit staff access by Company, Ship Location, and Consignee/Customer
  • Search BOLs by Company, Ship Location, Consignee, Product, BOL number, and Status
  • Create shipping manifests
  • Upload and store document files related to any BOL
  • Multiple BOL copies to print
  • Create customized reports with the report builder
  • Print reports, or save as PDF
  • Print to plain paper
  • Master admin can email message all system users
  • Help and instructions available throughout the application
  • No long term contracts, subscribe month to month, cancel any time
  • Unlimited customer support
  • Easy understandable pricing

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