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EASYBOL.COM is an online service that allows you to create, store, and track Bills of Lading used by goods manufacturers, packaging companies, fulfillment houses, and many other types of businesses that ship products from one location to another and must maintain record of the shipments and sign-offs of sender, recipient, and transporter. There’s nothing to install, maintain, upgrade, or secure. You won’t need IT staff, servers, or software! Your personnel are granted any combination of 5 different access levels by a master administrator from your company.

System Authority Levels:

  1. Master Admin (add users, companies, shipping locations)
  2. System Setup (add customers, products, carriers)
  3. Create and Manage BOLs (create, ship, close, cancel)
  4. Process BOLs (bill, pay, close, cancel)
  5. BOL Reporting (multiple search and sorting options)

BOL Workflow:

  • A staff member with Master Admin rights will initially set up the application with shipping companies, ship from locations, and system users. Generally there is only one Master Admin for your company. Master Admins are set up by EASYBOL.COM.

  • System setup rights allows a staff member to create new records for customers/consignees, product classes and products, carriers, 3rd party billing entities, units of measure, and default special instructions.

  • Warehouse personnel and shipping managers create bills of lading for their authorized companies, shipping locations, customers, and products. A new BOL is in Draft status when it is created.

  • As products on the bill of lading are shipped, shipping managers can mark the BOL as shipped and upload related documents, such as a scanned signed BOL. Once a BOL is marked shipped, it cannot be cancelled.

  • At any time in the lifespan of a BOL , staff with BOL Processing rights can mark a bill of lading as Billed, Paid, Closed, or Cancelled (drafts only). A BOL processor can also upload documents related to a BOL. A BOL processor staff member is most likely someone at your company who is responsible for invoicing your customers for services.

  • Staff members with BOL Reporting rights can run a wide variety of reports listing BOLs by date range, companies, ship locations, customers, products, BOL status, carriers, and more.

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