Simple pricing, easy on the bottom line…

$74.95 base service fee per calendar month, includes 25 BOLs. No setup or support fees. No contracts.

Greater than 25 BOLs created during the month are billed at $.50 each.

Contact us for custom pricing on monthy BOL quantities greater than 250.

You are permitted up to 5 cancelled BOLs during the month without charge.

The first 15 days from your account creation date are FREE for unlimited use.
BOLs created in the free trial period are not billed.

Every company staff member using will require a login account. You are allowed unlimited user login accounts as well as companies, shipping locations, consignees, and products. You will be able to determine which rights an individual staff member needs, and well as access to particular shipping companies, shipping locations, and consignees.

Also included:

250MB of BOL Document Disk Storage

The BOL Document Storage feature is billed at $10 per month per 100MB or any part thereof in excess of first the 250MB each month.

We bill on the 1st of each month for the prior month of service. We monitor the number of BOLs created in your database throughout the month to determine the number for billing purposes.

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