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Please read the information below in detail before signing up.

All accounts are set up manually by a technician. Turnaround time is usually one business day.

Unlike other services, we install a completely unique instance of the application and database on our servers for your company. This provides a high level of security, and gives us maximum flexibility for future customizations if the need arises.

We will contact you via email when your account is active. While you are waiting, we will send you a welcome email with tips on getting your application set up when it is online.

A 15 day free trial period is included with all accounts. Use the service without limitations for 15 days. If you decide to become a customer (smart), simply continue using the service. Contact us through the contact page before the trial ends if you would like to cancel.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Discover for payment.

We will not charge your card until after the free trial period, and one month of service has been completed to establish a BOL usage count.

We bill on the first of each month for the prior month of service.
Your credit card statement will show charges from our company World Anthem Technologies, Inc.

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